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Public Involvement

An extensive public outreach effort is a crucial part of the planning process to ensure the identified trends, safety concerns, mobility needs, and the developed transportation strategies reflect and meet the needs of the Wadsworth Road corridor users and stakeholders affected by these intersections. The study team has begun outreach efforts with identified key stakeholders. This will allow the study team to understand issues and concerns related to specific areas and to also identify activities that may guide in the development of alternatives.

Ways to stay involved include:

  • Stakeholder Involvement Group
  • Public Meetings
  • Public Hearing
  • Project Website
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Media Outreach

Public Involvement Plan

As part of the overall public involvement program for the Wadsworth Road Intersections Study, a Public Involvement Plan, or PIP, has been developed and will set forth opportunities for public involvement and participation in the study. The goal of the PIP is to actively seek the participation of communities, agencies, individual interest groups, and the general public throughout the project development process. The PIP provides the framework for achieving a general understanding and communicating the decision-making process between the general public, public agencies, and governmental officials to identify transportation solutions for the project.