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Study Process

Step One: Project Introduction and Identify Issues and Concerns

This stage of the project development process includes: data collection (traffic counts and accident reports), assessing existing conditions within the Wadsworth Road Intersections study area; organizing a Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG); reaching out to local stakeholders and other interested parties about the project; and, hosting a Public Information kick-off Meeting to identify stakeholders issues/concerns.

Step Two: Develop and Refine Alternatives

This stage of the project consists of the development and refinement of project alternatives with the assistance of the SIG. The goal of this step is to select and refine alternatives that best address the identified needs of the project that were identified in Step One.

Step Three: Present the Preferred Alternative

The process will continue with the identification and concurrence of the preferred alternative by PSG with input from SIG. A Public Hearing will present the preferred alternative for each intersection along with the factors considered in this determination, for public review and comments. Any further analysis of the preferred alternatives will also be presented.

Dilleys & Kilbourne Road Intersection Improvements

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US-41 Intersection Improvements

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